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“Not just 10 years older, but 10 years better”

Camilla Schreiner, Director at the Climate Division at the Research Council said in her greeting to the Bjerknes Center Tuesday morning.

It has been 10 years since the Bjerknes Centre became one of the 13 first National Centres of Excellence, an arrangement the Research Council started to stimulate Norwegian research environments to establish long lasting research at a high international level. The goal was to improve the quality of Norwegian research.

”During the ten years The Bjerknes Centre has grown tremendously, with a strong leadership of Eystein. You are entering a new decade, and I am looking forward to continued cooperation,” greeted Cecilie Mauritzen, the Director at Cicero Centre for Climate Research.

Together the four partners UiB, Uni Research, Nansen Center and Institute for Marine Research have contributed to the Bjerknes Centre that today includes about a hundred scientists form these 4 institutes.

Eystein Jansen wishes welcome. Photo: Eivind Senneset

”The Bjerknes Centre ends its 10-year time under the centre of excellence mechanism of the Research Council on November 30, and it is for us an opportunity to to look more closely at the status of our science”, Eystein Jansen, Director of the BCCR says.

”The centre will continue as a collaborative effort among the partner institutions in Bergen. But it is good to stop up and look at how we can synthesise our gains over this time, when we are now enter a new situation and organisation”

The anniversary conference ”Climate Change in High Latitudes” opened today, and brings together over 200 climate scientists from Norway and abroad in Grieg hall.

In good mood. Photo: Eivind Senneset

During the next three days, the scientists will be presenting their latest research in the different aspects of climate, from ice in the arctic and antarctic, to ocean acidification, the carbon cycle, climate modelling and the consequences in the ecosystem.

”Today we celebrate that the Bjerknes Centre is important to so many more than its partners. The centre is at the forefront of their field and has proved their excellence repeatedly through evaluations, important scientific contributions and important results atracting international attention.” Pro-rector Berit Rokne at the University of Bergen said as she declared the conference for officially opened.

Hanging up posters. Photo: Eivind Senneset

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